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How To Participate:

  1. Take a video of your child reciting a surah (NOTE: Memorized or Non-Memorized recitations are welcome)
  2. Post the video on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook with #moonciter
  3. Share it with your contacts to get likes
  4. 10 posts with the most likes & comments will win prizes
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Contest Rules:

  1. Contest is open to kids ages 3 to 15 years
  2. Participate virtually from any part of the world
  3. Audio recordings are not acceptable
  4. Proper hijab is mandatory for girls

Contest Duration:

  1. The contest will start from 18th March 2023 to 18th April 2023.
  2. Results will be announced on Eid.
  3. The winners will be decided on the number of likes on their post.

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